PM serramenti designs in BIM

A precise, innovative and informative design. This is the experience we guarantee to our architects and designers in architects and designers thanks to BIM technology – Building Information Modeling.
We provide designers with the 3D models of our leading products, to have a realistic and immediate feedback on the characteristics of the window within each project.
The goal is to give a complete and transversal idea, which takes into account all the elements that make up our solutions, from the monoblock to the shutters.

What is BIM? It is an operational method, based on an informative model, shared and continuously updated. The data provided: materials, supporting structure, thermal characteristics and energy performance, installations, costs, safety, maintenance, life cycle, demolition and disposal.
BIM is based on: collaboration of all the experts involved in the design life cycle and data sharing and interaction of professionals in a unique virtual space.

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