Burglar-proof fixtures

Burglar-proof Window

Fixtures certified as Class 2 burglar-proof according to UNI EN V 1627/28/29/30 regulations, created in accordance to the stipulation of the Guardian Angel protocol, in collaboration with Maico and Consorzio Legno Legno.

Burglar-proof fixtures in the Security range are the evolution of wooden and wood-aluminum PM serramenti. The peculiarity of this kind of products are the following components and construction details:

  • Carpentry of movement and closure Maico AHS SYSTEM with DK tilt and turn hardware with triple opening positions and 6-16 mushroom-headed cams that are tear-proof and self-adjusting, according to the size and number of panels.
  • Double glazing with a single or double cavity for argon gas, with elevated thermal and acoustic performance, shatterproof class P4A.
  • Bonding of glass on the perimeter of the panel with polymeric all-fix sealant.
  • If needed, glazing beads and screws.
  • Maico handlebar with maneuver block through the use of key.
  • Installation carried out by applying procedures of the GAURDIAN ANGEL protocol, fastened with turbo screws and tassels that release pressure between the frame and the wall.
This variable for installation is applicable to the following types:

Due to incompatibility of construction characteristics, it is not applicable to the types of PM serramenti not mentioned above.