Leaning on its expertise and entrepreneurship in the field of design and creation of frames in various forms and kinds, PM serramenti has expanded its product line over the time, untill including vertical closures in general. As far as gates and different kinds of entrances are concerned, the realization of products begins directly in the factory. Valid solutions are provided for forms and openings, but also the esthetic aspect is not ignored: products are available in a wide variety of materials and colours, in order to satisfy every customer.
Outstanding collaborations with important designers and companies in the field have lead PM to providing its customers with not just simple entrances, but with important elements that emphasize the concept of “entrance architecture”.
Under this perspective, the research and development office identifies the most innovative materials, such as leather, glass, steel, and cement to combine with traditional structural elements like wood. The skills and craftsmanship of the artisans allow the development of unique gates and entrances, custom-made for the client like a tailored dress.
This characteristic represents the additional value of PM’s entrances and joins their typical substance, robustness and high esthetic quality, which are other factors always present in all PM’s manufactured products.


Innovation and tradition for high quality, unique, and personalized solutions

The careful study of technical and esthetic needs has outlined the way to take, and this is the reason why the range of product lines currently includes a variety of solutions that offer a supporting structure in wood or with a metallic cover (armored door).
Wooden entrances are particularly recommended in cases in which the doorway size is very wide and therefore needs a combination of blind and glass parts; armored doors, on the other hand, are more easily applied when the size is contained or close to those of standard constructions.
These criteria for selection are valid in the majority of cases. However, this is not always the case, as there have been recent examples, going back to the perspective of satisfying the customer’s needs, in which doors of big dimensions were built in armor, with various doors, and with the insertion of glass; this is all personalized and expertly integrated with other elements created by PM (panels, frames, doors).



Wooden entrances are custom-made, using wood that was specifically selected for its resistance and its esthetic characteristics.


Entry doors with a high technical and esthetic value are exclusively custom-made, implementing wood that is specifically selected for its stability, resistance and esthetic worth.


Security doors certified in burglary-proof classification, in accordance with regulation Uni En V 1627/28/29/30 (class 4, class3). This kind of product represents the perfect solution when the primary need is safety, but thermal and acoustic performances are notable as well.


Security doors certified in burglary-proof classification, in accordance with regulation Uni En V 1627/28/29/30 (class 4, class3) that have a vertical tilting coplanar to the wall and are therefore particularly suitable for large dimensions.