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Installation and setup course “Posatore qualificato LEGNOLEGNO” | June 2019

Installation and setup course organized by PM SERRAMENTI in collaboration with  CONSORZIO LEGNO LEGNO

PM serramenti promotes the updating and training of its qualified Layers, designers and sales agents, with a course dedicated to learning the latest technical, scientific and regulatory innovations in the field of qualified installation of windows and doors.

Posa Qualificata (Qualified Laying) is a standard aimed at distinguish the quality of the installation and the professionalism of the Italian frame makers, and to provide a guarantee to the consumer.

The Posa Qualificata certification characterizes the entire industrial process of a window frame from the design of laying configurations to performance capabilities, from production to installation and setup, and identify the best Italian manufacturers and installers of windows and doors of all materials.


2019, 7th of June


Giorgio Sorrenti – Sales Director, PM Serramenti
Patrizio Pesenti – Owner, PM Serramenti
Stefano Mora – Director of LegnoLegno Consorzio


Welcome and work presentation
Technical analysis on regulatory aspects, current and future work scenarios

Performance maintenance after installation
The legal figure of the installer


2019, 8th of June


Giorgio Sorrenti – Sales Director PM Serramenti
Gian Carlo Benassi – Responsible for laying system Consorzio LegnoLegno


Welcome and work presentation
Technical presentation of the exercises


Practical exercise
End of work and greetings