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Fire door rei 30 – rei 60

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Wooden doors resistant to fire (REI 30 o REI60).
A natural evolution of the wooden door product, they are almost always used in public environments, such as hotels, schools, museums, cinemas or theaters, when the characteristics of the project provide that the resistance to fire must meet the sense of esthetic of the building, for example combining them to wooden doors and frames or to the architectural context.
Resistance to fire is obtained using retardant materials specifically chosen and allocated within the panel and frame; the esthetic aspect is valued thanks to the union of wooden veneers and paneling, on which all necessary decorations can be applied: this is how wooden fire doors are obtained. This family of doors holds the necessary certification based on the qualities for which it is prescribed.
The Classic, Modern, Rasomuro, Pantographed, and Material doors can all be created in the fire door Rei 30 – Rei 60 version as well.

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