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Wooden Fixtures

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The warmth, the value and the exclusiveness of a wooden window are still the first criteria considered when choosing a window frame; and is why wooden windows and doors are required in many architectural contexts: energy-efficient houses, traditional or wooden masonry, modern buildings and historic buildings.
Since 1984 PM serramenti is a company specialized in the production of wooden frames: it creates custom projects and offers multiple combinations of raw materials, finishes, shapes and types of opening. The Company always use only glulam wood, a wood without knots and resinous pockets, a characteristic that allows to obtain a pleasant, refined and imperfect surface at the end of the painting.In addition, lamellar wood avoids the possibility of embarking uprights or crosspieces, especially those longer. The painting cycle is realized with the exclusive use of water-based products, non-toxic, for the respect of the environment.