Shutters play a big role in the project of a house, allowing the correct balance between luminous intensity and the desired light conditions.
PM serramenti creates traditional shutter systems, to be placed on the external surface of the building, as well as shutters belonging to a new conception, which are to be placed internally or in suitable predisposed walls.

PM shutter systems are divided into three categories: external set-ups, packaging systems, and foldable systems; the first two systems are created on a traditional basis, while the third one comes from a new conception, thanks to the latest findings regarding materials and solutions.


This type of shutter is predisposed to be fastened on the outer surface of the building through movements called “cardini”. These cardini can be attached directly on the surface or onto a frame called “monoblocco”.


These types of shutters are designed and created with the intention of being packaged in the thickness of the wall, also called “mazzetta”. The number of foldable panels is determined by the availability of space.


The foldable shutter systems have recently come back on the market, thanks to a particular way in which motorized movement systems have evolved and have been interfaced with home automation systems.