Technical and furnishing complements

PM serramenti completes its offer by proposing a series of complements that are especially created or selected according to their functional or esthetic characteristics.
Technical complements include a wide range of articles that have been integrated in the element of windows or doors untill becoming one single item; complementary furnishing includes all of those elements that can be harmoniously allocated in the same environment in which frames and doors are installed, allowing the creation of architecturally efficient spaces.

PM serramenti offers designers its technical expertise, guaranteeing them the complete freedom of handling the desired creation process directly on an esthetic and functional level. Each complement, even the simplest, is handled with philosophy in a way that it can naturally match the core element.


A set of products purposefully chosen to add a specific service to a window, such as the security added by installing a railing or bars, or rather the shielding from the sun achieved through a curtain placed internally over the glass, or also the protection from insects guaranteed by an insect screen.



The complements include all the articles created specifically to integrate doors and windows, where PM sets forth its creativity and competence in building even common objects, but with an elevated esthetic value.