The factory


PM serramenti was born in 1984 from the business-oriented resourcefulness of two partners, who, after ten years of experience as employees in a joinery, specialized in the production of frames, decided to start their own activity. Over the years, the company grew up from a small artisan reality to an industrial-sized business, acquiring knowledge and experience in the field of the construction of quality wood frames.

The Developments

PM snc became PM sas in 1993, with Patrizio Presenti as sole administrator, and Mariagrazia Forlani as accommodating partner.
In 1995, PM serramenti moved to its current headquarter in Mornico al Serio, 10km far from Bergamo, with an area of 8000 square meters, of which about 5000 indoor. The production site is organized with installations for the production of frames that are numbered. The whole production process, from cutting to painting and assembling of woodwork and glass, is carried out within the establishment, in order to guarantee a “not defective” cycle of production.

PM serramenti Today

PM serramenti is leader in its business, employing about 40 collaborators today, and operating directly through its own commercial enterprise, as well as through authorized retailers in Italy and Switzerland. Recently, the company has also begun important collaborations with Russian and American markets.
In 2011, the company obtained the ISO 9001 certification of quality, to guarantee customers that the frames and fixtures completely respect the most recent Italian and European regulations (UNI-EN-ISO norms). PM produces frames in wood, aluminum wood, steel, aluminum, pvc, entry doors, shutters and blinds, armored doors, internal doors, surface coatings, paneling and complementary furnishing.
PM serramenti’s technical office, in collaboration with Consorzio Legno Legno, Casa Clima, IFT Rosenheim, Assorestauro and other important reliable providers, is constantly carrying out research, looking for new solutions to improve the performance of the frames produced in its establishment. As a matter of fact, the company deeply believes that even in a period of crisis, reserach is essential, in order to find ways to constantly improve quality and performance of goods and products.


“Our mission is to use our konowledge and expertise to design and create doors and windows, providing excellent products as far as quality, esthetical aspect and performance are concerned.”